SummerWind Ranch

Location: Calimesa, California
Property Type: Master-planned community
Area: 2,591 acres
Units: 3,600
Description: In the heart of Riverside County lies SummerWind Ranch, a community that blends a relaxed, easygoing lifestyle with dynamic amenities and abundant facilities for its residents to live, work and play. It will provide access to some of the best recreational opportunities in Southern California, including PGA's Oak Valley Country Club. At build-out, this development will provide more than 3,600 homes while still preserving over 1,500 acres of open space, exemplifying balanced living opportunities.
SummerWind Ranch will also feature a junior high school and two elementary schools, and a neighborhood clubhouse and recreation center with community pools. This new community will also be home to a town center, including a 125-acre business park and 130 acres of stores and restaurants that will offer 1.2 million square feet of commercial and retail uses.