Westport at Mandalay Bay

Location: Oxnard, California
Property Type: Mixed-use in-fill master-planned community
Area: 60 acres
Units: 306
Description: This coastal development represents the first marina community built in California in the past 30 years. A neighborhood commercial center, open space, parks, public and private docks, and an 83-slip marina are connected by a mile of waterfront trails providing public access to the ocean. The developer had the rare opportunity to extend the Channel Islands Harbor by providing three additional channels through a major excavating process. Rich farming topsoil was transported to other agricultural land in the region to improve soil conditions and production. The project team secured local resident support to obtain approvals from the City and key resource agencies, including the California Coastal Commission. The team also worked with the Army Corps of Engineers to construct intertidal mud-flat habitat and salt-marsh habitat for shoreline birds.