Delta Coves

Location: Bethel Island, Contra Costa, California
Property Type: Master-planned waterfront community
Area: 310 acres
Units: 590
Description: This project is turning a former dairy farm on an island into a premier water-oriented residential community. The project team overcame a development gridlock that had lasted for over 30 years under previous developers. Extensive excavations, grading and engineering have created a navigable waterway that provides fast-water boating access to San Francisco Bay and the River Delta. The marina basin was dredged to 21 feet below mean sea level. Construction of a 130-acre lagoon prompted strategic governmental relations and community relations/public outreach to garner local, state and federal approvals.

Government permits were obtained to allow the breaching of a Delta river levee. This was a complex engineering feat providing a 160 foot-wide access channel between the new marina and the Delta. All major onsite improvements are complete. A total of 494 of the lots are fully mapped and blue-top graded; and streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and docks are installed.