Amerige Heights

Location: Fullerton, California
Property Type: Mixed-use, master-planned community
Area: 293 acres
Units: 1,150
Description: This former site of a Howard Hughes defense research facility required extensive redevelopment. Two million square feet of concrete and steel buildings were demolished, with most materials recycled or salvaged. This New Urbanist community resulted from innovative land-use planning and community relations. Designed by Peter Calthorpe, Amerige Heights has been honored with several design awards. It is a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly community. Residential lots quickly sold out and the development has been a source of pride for Fullerton.
Residential types include luxury estate homes, traditional single-family residences, apartments, alley-loaded residences and attached homes. Trails and paseos link homes to shopping, schools, parks and open space, including a 10-acre sports park and community activities building. An 82.5-acre mixed-use district holds 1.28 million square feet of development, including retail, office and light industrial uses. It was recognized as the 2004 Project of the Year by the Orange County branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers.