Based on our experience as investors, owners, developers, builders and managers, we have the ability to deliver real-world solutions that are practical and provide superior returns on investment.

In addition to our experience, we support our clients with a unique selection of resources and industry relationships.

This valuable set of capabilities enables us to provide the best services to deliver the best outcomes – wherever we’re needed on the value chain.

Our proven track record in the most challenging environments makes us a powerful partner as we help our clients navigate today’s complex and highly fluid markets.

Vision & Planning

Our team of strategists, forward planners and architectural experts creates smart plans designed to enhance each community, which maximizes the value of our clients’ real estate asset.

We strive to create vibrant developments that fit with and complete their surroundings, while meeting market needs and providing public benefits to both residents as well as businesses.

While meeting the return-on-investment goals of our partners and clients, we also establish positive relationship with public officials and incorporate their objectives into every stage of the planning process.

The two-way communication we establish provides ample opportunities for those concerned to provide feedback on our plans.


Our team’s primary responsibility is to provide an independent assessment of the financial viability of both new acquisitions and existing assets.

We also act as an internal financial consulting arm that assists with special projects, including new business ventures and strategic planning.

By working closely with the Asset Management team, we ensure that shared responsibilities are managed in an efficient manner and our combined capabilities are leveraged.

Entitlements & Public Affairs

Our team works closely with government agencies and local stakeholders to ensure that each development is a success.

We start by listening to the local community’s needs and concerns. Working with local government representatives and their constituents is critical in obtaining support and approvals that will enable our development plans to be realized.

Our innovative approaches and creative problem-solving help overcome complex issues related to environmental concerns, remediation, transportation, infrastructure, geo-technical issues, sustainability, historic preservation, and other challenges.

Project Management

Our team understands the importance of detail-oriented project management. Superior development plans require thoughtful execution to be successful.

We recognize that all contributors need to remain focused throughout the land development and construction phases to ensure the vision is fulfilled.

Our project management experts can develop solutions for properties at any stage of planning, entitlement or construction. By analyzing the situation and identifying outstanding issues, we can develop a plan to complete the project and maximize its value.

We coordinate project budgets and schedules, negotiate Development Agreements, Impact Fees and Credits, and form community facilities districts. Where there is the need, we also manage existing Home Owners Associations and establish relationships with regulating agencies.

Construction Management

Once development plans have been finalized, our team transforms the vision for each community into reality, no matter how complex. We prepare the overall development site, including the residential and community lots. We install the infrastructure of utilities roads, bridges and drainage systems. And we construct parks and recreational facilities.

Our team implements required repairs, remediation and necessary construction. We can manage construction bids, award contracts, engage subcontractors and manage the contractual process.

Onsite, we also provide supervision, coordination of subcontractors, and management of all compliance with governmental jurisdictions.


We provide our clients and partners with the right mix of marketing services and resources as required for each development.

These may include discussions on project positioning and what vision or theme is most appropriate for the marketing and branding strategy. Naming and logo development may be required.

Based on the strategy we help develop, specific marketing tactics are produced. These may include a website, signage, advertising, print brochures and stationery. More and more, digital media is used, including email campaigns, virtual DVD tours and social media campaigns.

Our team also may help stage grand opening events, conduct public relations and coordinate all photography. We also manage interest-list retention and broker co-op programs, and can establish an onsite information center.

Asset Management

We provide hands-on asset management and monitor each investment throughout the entire development cycle, communicating asset and portfolio performance through timely and transparent reporting.

Our team focuses on serving our clients’ investment strategy to achieve the highest possible returns on investment.

Once an asset is acquired, a business plan is formulated to identify the most appropriate asset strategy. The strategy is then implemented, and our team communicates with our investor base to inform them of the investment’s progress and success in achieving its goals and returns.

Throughout the process, we combine our extensive market knowledge, financial skills, and operating experience to capture higher returns for our investors.


Our team makes a point of knowing our customers and their business. In our view, a good dispositions team not only makes us a better seller of land, it also makes us a better buyer, planner and developer.

By understanding our customer’s pro forma, building and finance costs, and other assumptions, we can help maximize the value of every sale.

Our experience in having sold thousands of residential lots means that we enjoy long-term, meaningful relationships at the highest levels of both the leading public and private homebuilders. In addition, through our experience in selling hundreds of acres of commercial parcels, we enjoy these same relationships with leaders of apartment, retail, office and industrial development companies.

These relationships and this knowledge also allow us to design and entitle projects with a product mix and segmentation that maximizes our revenue.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Our team ensures that all accounting, reporting and cash management procedures are handled in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

We take responsibility for providing project accounting, reporting, the draw process, compliance with GAAP, Fund accounting and GAAS.

We also coordinate with outside auditors, manage cash as well as large volumes of documents through the Laserfiche System, and offer efficient tax-planning services.

Risk Management

Our team is prepared to assist clients and partners with all issues related to risk management.

We can design and coordinate programs for risk management, insurance and loss control, and adopt proper financial protection against risk transfer, risk avoidance and risk-retention programs.

We design master insurance programs and self-insurance programs while securing coverage at the most favorable terms, conditions and costs.

We actively participate in all contract negotiations involving insurance, and can establish indemnity and insurance requirements for contract forms.

If required, we can help select and manage insurance brokerage representatives, insurance carriers and other necessary risk management service providers.

In addition, we often are asked to review, analyze, chart and report on loss runs, loss prevention reports, property inspections, and risk management trends and practices.